A nasty cough, sore throat...can't barely swallow...just feeling like crap and want something soothing? Sounds like you need help! If you're not already taking an Elderberry Tincture or a Blood Cleaner, you should be... and you should be drinking this.... Effective relief. Besides it tastes Fabulous even if you are feeling GREAT!!! Need to store it in the fridge, but it can be stored there a very long time. Comes in a glass container. Take a spoonful or two at a time, making certain to get a little lemon, ginger and honey at the same time and place in an already heated mug of water. Can be drank as often as you like. Remember, small children should not ingest honey, so take care as to who is drinking this tea.

Ingredients: Honey, Lemon, Ginger. 

LemonGinger Tea

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