Our original large straws are the equivalent diameter of a standard drinking straw and are perfect for iced coffee, cocktails with lots of ice, smoothies, iced tea, frosé, sodas and more! With only two ingredients, durum wheat and water, they have no taste and provide a completely zero waste plastic straw alternative.

If you are looking for a thinner straw for fancy cocktails or other drinks try our or try both sizes in our .

About the Exstrawordinary Straw:

-Last 10 times longer than paper straws - over one hour. No more broken, soggy straws before you finish your drink.

-No harmful plastic elements, waxes or dyes. Edible, compostable, and biodegradable.

-No taste. Ingredients are derived from, all natural and tasteless, durum flour and water.

-Pack of 24 straws

-Fun! Exstrawordinary straws are the only straw you can eat after! Use these at your next party or night out and surprise friends and family with a treat at the end of their drink! 

-Thoughtful stocking stuffer for the mixology or coffee lover in your life!

Original Large Straws

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